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Find the perfect accessories to complete your home audio experience. Include a Pioneer or Pioneer Elite AV Receiver as the central conductor for your components or choose from our Elite or Pioneer Home Theater Theater speaker systems.

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High-performance Precision Made

Crafted for pure audio enjoyment and ease of use, These Pioneer turntables make the perfect addition to any home audio setup, ready to play right out of the box.

Taking queues and technology from out rich history as a leader in high-quality professional audio equipment, Pioneer turntables offer the same rotation speed accuracy and high-performance power wrapped in a sleek, die-cast package.

Each turntable is designed with a low center of gravity for the most stable, feedback-free playback including an extra thick, dual-layer chassis for increased mass. A precision machined, aluminum die-cast platter supports a 5mm-thick rubber mat suppressing external vibrations while treating your precious vinyl with the greatest of care.

Featuring a fully automatic tonearm, just press play and then lose yourself in the music. The tonearm will position itself right over the beginning groove, and lower to start the album. When the album is over, the arm raises and returns back to the initial position, stopping the rotation for you.

Vinyl's classic sound, updated for modern listeners

  • PL-30
    Audiophile Stereo Turntable with Dual-Layered Chassis and Built-in Phono Equalizer.
  • PL-990
    Fully Automatic Turntable

The Pioneer PL-30-K pumps a new heartbeat into your prized-collection, taking the signature LP audio and surrounding it with modern technology. This fully-rounded audio experience unmatched by today’s digital formats.

With a high-performance, high-output moving magnet cartridge, built-in phono equalizer, and On/Through selector, you pick up advanced audiophile features at a value unrivaled to others in it’s class.

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